Injuries and Wounds

Injuries and Wounds

Do you have an injury or wound that requires urgent medical attention?

The Urgent Care Centre provides medical care for non-life-threatening injuries and wounds. With diagnostic services through our partners available on site, we are able to provide the most effective treatment in a timely manner, and arrange specialist referral if required without the need to visit the hospital.

If you have a serious wound with heavy bleeding, a significant head injury, serious burns or significantly displaced broken bone, call an ambulance on 000.

Injuries and wounds can range significantly in severity, with some better treated in the Emergency Department and others which are best treated at the Urgent Care Centre.

When you visit the centre, you will be consulted by a experienced emergency nurse to assess your care needs. If you require transfer to the emergency department, transport to the Launceston General Hospital will be arranged as required.

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Department

Urgent Care

Accidents and falls including low speed motor vehicle accidents (e.g. whiplash)

Cuts that that might need stitches (not involving deeper structures like tendons)

Sporting injuries including concussion

Minor fractures e.g. in wrist, hand, foot, fingers or toes and dislocations

Minor burns

Moderate back problems

Eye irritation and redness, foreign bodies

Sprains and strains

Emergency Department

Compound fracture, which involves a bone protruding through the skin and major dislocations (e.g. shoulder, hip)

High-speed (>100km/hr) car accidents

Serious head, neck, or back injury

Abdominal trauma

Heavy, uncontrollable bleeding

Severe burns


Severe eye injury incl chemical burn

Located Conveniently at Newstead Health Nexus, 165 Elphin Road

Urgent Care Centre Launceston is located within the Newstead Health Nexus, the home of Newstead Medical, Terry White Pharmacy, X-Ray Newstead, Launceston Pathology, and other complementary services. Free parking is onsite off Olive street.

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